What is Marshmallow?

Marshmallow started with a fair launch in January 2024, distributing Bitcoin dividends to its holders ever since. Within a short period, it has achieved milestones, like listing on CEX, the launch of its own DEX, and forming startegic partnerships. As a decentralized memecoin project, Marshmallow strikes the perfect balance between earnest ambition and playful engagement, positioning itself for success while ensuring the journey is enjoyable.

LOLs and Returns

We're not just here for the memes, we're here to create sweet returns for all. Each $MRSH buy/sell transaction generates Bitcoin dividends for the holders from the 4% fee. All the returns generated from our ecosystem are used to perform buybacks and "roast" marshmallows. As more utilities will be made and generate additional revenue, more buyback & burn will be implemented, ultimately reducing supply and enhancing volume & value.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the #1 community memecoin. We aim to achieve this by continually building and expanding our reach. Marshmallow's strategy is entirely centered around giving back to the community. We are focused on building utilities, expanding to other chains, integrating NFTs, engaging in crypto mining, and investing in memecoins, tokens, Bitcoin, and innovative projects that make us say, 'Wow, such investment!'


TOTAL SUPPLY: 21,000,000,000



Buy/Sell Fee: 4%
Bitcoin Dividends: 2%
Treasury: 1%
Marketing: 1%

Initial Distribution
Fair Launch: 72%
Ecosystem: 23%
Founders & Team: 5%

Ecosystem & Partners
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